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City of Prineville Railway
Prineville, OR - May 12-13, 2024

City of Prineville Railway

May 12-13, 2024 – Prineville, OR


The City of Prineville Railway and Pacific Railcar Operators “PRO” invite you to journey on their scenic high dessert railroad from the Prineville Freight Depot to Prineville Junction and return for about 29-miles round trip on well-maintained rail. Two round trips are planned. This date has been adjusted to make it part of the Motorcar Operators West (MOW) “2024 Northwest Rail Tour.” This customer oriented short line railroad was formed in 1918 and is the oldest continuously operated municipal short line in the United States. This will be a no frills run, so we will not be towing a potty car.

The set-on area has changed since past excursions and is limited in size. Long tow vehicles (RVs) will have difficulties in the set-on area and will need to use a shorter vehicle to tow the motorcar from the parking location into the set-on/set-off area. Parking will be supervised. The run fee is $75.

Dry camping is permitted on the railroad’s property on Sunday night, May 12th only. All vehicles must be off railroad property by 11:59 PM May 13th.


The EC is Guy Howard,, and the ECIT is Dave Klein,


This will not be a full mentoring run but operators who have attended a mentoring school can arrange to complete their operating run requirements. Please Contact Guy Howard,, before the run to set this up.


If you would like to join us, please print and carefully fill out the following three forms found on the NARCOA and PRO websites. All forms can be found on the PRO Website under the forms tab,


PRO Excursion Registration Form:  <<Click Here to download >>

Excursion name: City of Prineville Railway

Date of: May 12 - 13, 2024


NARCOA General Release, printed double-sided, single sheet:   <<Click Here to download >>

In consideration of City of Prineville Railway

Permission to enter their property on the dates of May 12 - 13, 2024

“Pacific Railcar Operators” is the NARCOA affiliate.


NARCOA Rail Inspection form:   <<Click Here to download >>

Excursion: City of Prineville Railway

Location: Prineville, OR

Date: May 13, 2024


Send all three forms, and a check for $75.00, payable to PRO, to:

Dave Klein

37901 303rd Ave SE

Enumclaw, WA  98022


When I receive your entry, I will email the run data package to you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, Dave Klein, at (530) 355-7468 any time between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm Pacific time.

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