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A Non-Profit NARCOA affiliate serving the West

About PRO

Pacific Railcar Operators (PRO), Inc., the newest railcar club in the West, is a nonprofit corporation that provides railcar excursion coordinators a safe, legal and professional environment for sponsoring excursions on North American railroads.

PRO is a nonprofit corporation.  A Board of Directors governs PRO and officers are elected by the Board

Board of Directors (Terms)

  • Bill Andrews (2025)
  • Steve Paluso (2025)
  • Guy Howard (2024)
  • David Klein (2025)
  • Carl Shellhorn (2024)
  • Glenn Boatman (2024)
  • Ralph Burks (2025)
  • Russell Homan (2025)
  • Nancy Andrews (2025)

Directors at Large

  • Roger Farrell
  • Bob McCoy


  • President, Bill Andrews
  • Vice-President, Steve Paluso
  • Secretary, Nancy Andrews
  • Treasurer, David Klein

Membership in PRO is open to everyone. Membership dues are $25 per year. Dues are due in January of each year.

PRO is a NARCOA affiliate. All excursions are conducted in accordance with the NARCOA rulebook. Any current licensed NARCOA member (passed the rulebook test) with current NARCOA insurance may operate a motorcar on PRO excursions. Due to State and Federal laws, all motorcars must be equipped with a US Forest Service approved spark arrestor. ( See General Order #6 )

To minimize operating costs, excursion announcements are advertised here on PRO's web site. For members who do not have Internet access, let us know and we will use US mail (or your FAX number) to send you a calendar of planned excursions.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our future excursions.

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