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Pricing for Motorcar Excursions

There has been considerable interest in how pricing may be determined for motorcar excursions, particularly where the pricing strategy may not be too obvious!

PRO intends to largely, but not exclusively, concentrate on excursions with a more limited participation and professional leadership: Most PRO trips are likely to be limited to 20 or 25 motorcars, while others may be operated with as few as 10 or as many as 30 or 35. The reasons for this are many: Such small groups can more safely engage in the more ambitious excursions that PRO wishes to explore; and the smaller numbers enable excursions to be operated more efficiently and are managed more easily. The smaller excursions also tend to be faster paced, more flexible, and have the safety advantages inherent to a more limited cohesive group.

In conclusion, motor car excursion costs will be a function of mileage, condition of track, and inverse function of the number of people who may attend. With PRO's small groups and quality track, we are likely to have higher costs for the operators who attend our excursions. The club’s excursions will be led and planned by some of the most experienced and recognized coordinators and leaders in the hobby. This alone provides an extraordinarily high level assurance of competence, safety, and good schedule keeping. Both they and any PRO officer will be happy to answer your questions at any time.

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