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Coos Bay Rail Link Motorcar Excursion

Vaughn to Coquille, OR rt    August 18-21, 2022  

Coos Bay Rail Link Motorcar Excursion from Vaughn to Coquille, Oregon  August 18 - 21, 2022

Please join us on this 250-mile 3-day motorcar excursion across 121 bridges and nine tunnels.  The bridges include 3-swing span bridges and tunnels that range from 477 feet to 4,177 feet long.  We will depart from the Rosboro Lumber Company.  Seton is the afternoon of August 18, 2022.  Dry camping is available at the seton site.  Friday August 19, 2022 we will travel about 100-miles oneway to the City of Coos Bay.  Will will be staying two-nights at the Red Lion Hotel Coos Bay, which is not included in the excursion fee.  You will need to bring everything with you on your motorcar (suitcase, lunch, & extra gas).  Saturday will be an approximately 50-mile round trip excursion from Coos Bay to Coquille.  We will have a 1 1/2-hour lunch in Coquille, so you can attend the citywide garage sale in Sturdivant Park. Sunday will be a return oneway excursion from Coos Bay to Vaughn.  A minimum of 23-cars is required. No refunds after August 4, 2022.  The Excursion Coordinator is Guy Howard.  The run fee is $600 per motorcar, which also includes 1 dinner and 2 breakfasts for one operator and one passenger. Additional passengers may make food arrangements by contracting the excursion coordinator.  These are the lowest fees we can negotiate.  The run fee does not include any hotel stays.  Sorry, no High-Rail vehicles. Be sure to sign up early so no one misses out!

A 4 to 5 hour mentoring program is available on the morning of Thursday August 18, 2022 starting at 8:30 am.  Contact the Mentoring Manager Bill Andrews ASAP at phone # (five 41) two 95-five 631 or Nancy Andrews at phone # (five 41) two 95-five 635   They can also be contacted via email at the email address listed on the Contact Us page.  The mentoring requirements are carefully outlined on the webpage under the Document pulldown.

If you would like to join us, please print, and carefully fill out the following (3) forms found on the NARCOA and PRO websites:


PRO Run registration form:

Excursion name: Coos Bay Rail Link Motorcar Exc

Dates of: August 18 - 21, 2022


NARCOA General Release, printed double sided, single sheet

Fill out three copies using this information:

Copy # 1 - In consideration of the Coos Bay Rail Link

Copy # 2 - In consideration of the Rosboro Lumber Company

Copy # 3 - In consideration of the Port of Coos Bay

Permission to enter their property on the dates of August 18-21, 2022

“Pacific Railcar Operators” is the NARCOA affiliate

If you are dry camping at Roseboro Lumber for mentoring, include August 17, 2022 in the date range.


NARCOA Rail Vehicle Inspection form:

Excursion: Coos Bay Motorcar Run

Location:  Coos Bay, OR

Date: August 18-21, 2022


Send all five forms, and a check for $600.00 payable to PRO, to:

EC Guy Howard

94991 Toftdahl Lane

Junction City, OR 97448-9307


Upon receipt of these documents and a check, a run packet with further information will be emailed.


Contact EC Guy Howard via email from the PRO Contact Us page or phone via (five 41) nine 98-five 280 (Land line, no texts), if you have any questions.  Sorry for the spelled out phone number, but we are trying to cut down on Spam phone calls & emails.

PRO General order #6 will be in effect:


NARCOA insurance, operator’s certificate, spark arrestors, installed fixed NARCOA radios, and boots are required

October 7-10, 2021 Coos Bay Motorcar Excursion

(Video is sped up for your enjoyment)

Coos Bay Speeder Quest


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