Spark Arrestor Information


Spark Arrestors for Fairmont (2-cycle) engines

Attached is a catalog page showing Cobra Sparky spark arrestors. I use the 2 1/4" universal model, part number 03-1996. I use an exhaust pipe adapter to go from the flexible exhaust pipe to the 2 1/4" connection on the Sparky. I order them through a local motor cycle shop, but they can probably be ordered on line. The universal model is available with an inlet from 2 1/4" up to 3 1/2", and the Sparky module is the same size in each housing. The 2 1/4" I use for ROC engines, or other 5 to 8 horsepower Fairmont engines. Haven't put one on an 8 to 13 horsepower engine like an RQD but I would just order the Sparky with an inlet size similar to the exhaust elbow size on the engine (or exhaust outlet size). They have also been installed on the RKB Fairmont two cylinder engine. The easiest way is to have a muffler shop weld up an adapter with two inlets and one outlet that goes into the Sparky.

Tom Norman
posted Nov 7, 2005

Spark Arrestors for Onan (and other 4-cycle) engines

Supertrapp spark arrestors are available from -

2034 Research Dr.
Livermore, CA 94550-3804

For sales and info ask for Roy Richter. Will do mail order.
posted April 27, 2006

To all those who asked at Camas Prairie over the 2006 Memorial Day ride about my muffler/spark arrestor, here is the information:

Parts Code: ONAN
Part Number: 155-2068
Description: MUFFLER-EXH SPB#55
Cost: Typical ONAN; $116.32

The difference between what I assume was a Fairmont OEM muffler and the new muffler are the dimensions, my original was 4-1/2 inches diameter and 12 inches long. This measurement does not include inlet and outlet which appears in most muffler measurements. The new "gold plated" muffler is 4-1/4 inches in diameter and 16 inches in body length, again not including inlet and outlet pipe. It fit nicely in the original space. The new muffler has the magic USDA APPROVED stamp on it with the cleanout hole in the center of the muffler which is easy to access.

Steve Healy
posted June 29, 2006


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posted April 27, 2006