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2017 PRO Excursion Calendar

June 22-25 FULL, Waiting List started.

Coos Bay RailLink. Pacific Railcar Operators Excursion of 234 round trip miles on good track including forests, rivers, lakes, sand dunes, and swing bridges. From Vaughn OR to Coos Bay, OR and return.

Fills up fast, so act quickly. Mail a check for $430 made payable to PRO to Bill Andrews EC, 191 Azalea Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526. Limit 30 cars. Run fee includes 2 dinner tickets to Friday night Welcome Dinner. Complete itinerary, info, documents sent when accepted on run. Do not make motel reservations in Coos Bay until you have complete info. No Hi-Rails or smoking/vaping. Boots required at all times on railroad property. Operating under PRO General Order #5. Bill Andrews EC 541-295-5631.

Updated 02-15-2017

August 17-20

Coos Bay Railink. A Pacific Railcar Operators Excursion of 234 miles round trip limited to 30 cars. Spectacular running on well maintained track with many bridges and tunnels. Traveling though striking contrasts of scenery from Vaughn to Coquile and Back.

The run fee is $430 made payable to PRO. Mail to EC Guy Howard 94991 Toftdahl Lane Junction City Oregon 97448. 541-998-5280 ghoward@efn.org. Entries will not be accepted until 2nd/April/2017. A complete data package will be mailed to you when you are accepted on the run. Do not make your Coos Bay hotel reservations until you receive your data package. Please note the following restrictions:- PRO General Order #5 will be in effect. Boots required at all times on railroad property. There will be no smoking/vaping or marijuana. No Hi-Rails. No trailers without prior approval of the EC. This will not be a mentoring run, At the Railroads request there will be no poppers for the August run. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Posted 02-09-2017

October 13-16

Coos Bay RailLink Fall Colors Run. PRO EC Bill Andrews offers a third CBRL Excursion if the June and August runs fill with 30 cars each. Details and all info, call Bill Andrews, 541-295-5631. Status posting will be in July. Price $430 with 2 Welcome Dinner tickets included. Accepting sign-ups at this time. No Hi-Rails or smoking/vaping. PRO General Order #5 is in effect. Bill Andrews 191 Azalea Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526

Posted 02-02-2017

2017 Tentative Planning Calendar

o April 14-16 - either EWGRR/Wilbur or PCC/Colfax, subject to change, Will Krasselt

o May 19-21 - GRNW and BG&CM Lewiston., with possible addition, Will Krasselt

o June 5-12 - Montana Run - Bill Taylor

o July 8-10 W&I Potlatch with possible addition, Will Krasselt

Island City to Joseph IN&P & WURR Date not set yet, Guy Howard

Updated 02-08-2017

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