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Excursion List
June 22-25 - Coos Bay RailLink, OR FULL, Waiting List started.
Updated: 02-15-2017
August 17-20 - Coos Bay RailLink, OR
Posted: 02-09-2017
October 13-16 - Coos Bay RailLink, OR
Posted: 02-02-2017
2017 Tentative Planning Calendar
Updated: 01-17-2017

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Pacific Railcar Operators (PRO) is a nonprofit corporation that provides railcar excursion coordinators a safe, legal and professional environment for sponsoring excursions on North American railroads. PRO invites all motorcar operators to explore the rails in the western US and Canada. PRO is a nonprofit, incorporated affiliate of NARCOA, which hosts motorcar excursions using the NARCOA insurance program, releases, and rules.

PRO excursions are primarily in the western regions of North America. Excursions comply with the NARCOA Rule Book, Operations Manual, and PRO's General Order #5 (PDF). PRO membership is required, unless stated otherwise, on most excursions.

Watch this site for timely excursion announcements and news. We hope you'll join our adventures on the rails.

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